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Ransomware is Coming to Get You!

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Is Microsoft Office Finally Arriving For iOS?

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Rumors have been circulating for quite some time that Microsoft is working on a version of Office for your iOS device.  If you’re inclined to believe some screen shots that have recently been circulating, the release may be imminent. Handling of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents has been a question mark for users since the […]

Skitchin’ Screen Shots

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  As I move further along in my transition from being a lifelong Windows user to immersing myself into Mac OS, I occasionally get stuck with seemingly trivial tasks that I wouldn’t have given much thought to on my Windows machine.  Recently I realized I didn’t know how to quickly take a screen shot and […]

My Apple Turnover

Nowadays it’s pretty hard to escape the draw of Apple and their line of products. As a lifelong Windows user (at least since my Commodore went out of style), I found myself in the situation last year where syncing my beloved iPhone and iPad with my Windows machine was becoming extremely frustrating. Let’s face it; […]

Turning The Table On Spotify

Last time we checked, the majority of our readers were only dabbling in streaming music services.  In most cases free services, such as Pandora, Grooveshark or Last.FM were being used more frequently than the paid versions, Pandora One, Grooveshark Plus, or even the pay-only services such as MOG or Rdio. Since our poll, new services […]

What is the Fuss About Google+?

  If you’re someone who follows the latest tech news or social networking buzz in general, you’ve undoubtedly at least heard about Google’s newest foray into social networking, Google+.    After several attempts at gaining some sort of social foothold, the buzz (no pun intended) is that Google has finally found their “Facebook Killer”. After […]

PowerPoint Broadcasting In A Pinch

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  GoToMeeting or Webex are great services that provide all the tools that you could need to deliver an effective presentation over the internet, but what if you don’t have the need for something that elaborate and just need to share a PowerPoint Presentation?

Are You Devouring Music Online? (Poll)

With all the buzz these days about Cloud Players, will Apple or won’t Apple, and the multitude of options that are out there to devour as much music as you heart desires, it really makes us curious about how many people out there are really taking advantage of the online music options available to them.

Webtools – Free Online File Conversion

Have you received an email with a file attachment but didn’t have the program to open it?  Anyone who hasn’t upgraded past Office 2003 knows the pain of receiving an Office 2007/2010 file that wouldn’t open. Have you ever been working remotely on a mobile device that didn’t have the tools you would have in […]

Microsoft Office Videos

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  Did you know that Microsoft has posted how-to videos online for all of their Office products? Yesterday alone, the Outlook team posted 25 new videos guiding you though step by step instruction on topics such as; Using Search Folders, Using Multiple Calendars, Applying Theme Colors, Creating Rules and Using Mail Merge among others. All […]

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