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Are You Devouring Music Online? (Poll)

With all the buzz these days about Cloud Players, will Apple or won’t Apple, and the multitude of options that are out there to devour as much music as you heart desires, it really makes us curious about how many people out there are really taking advantage of the online music options available to them.

Turn Data Overload Into a Business Strategy

At any given moment, you are the target for streams of information originating from email, to texts, to Facebook, to old-fashion face to face conversation. As a testament, while writing this last sentence, I posted a tweet and checked my email – twice. This information overload spills over into every aspect of life, including your […]

Paint Your Office Green for Earth Day

If you haven’t heard, green is the new business casual. So, while you’re inventorying all the commitments you’ve made to living a more sustainable lifestyle this year – carpooling, buying organic, and shopping with reusable bags – consider this often-overlooked power-consumer: office technology. To celebrate Earth Day, we’d like to share a few tips to […]

Get Cash for Your Old Gadgets and Devices – Gazelle.Com

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Do you have an old cell phone, DVR, game console or computer components collecting dust? makes it easy to get an immediate cash offer, and then sends you a postage-paid box to ship the device in.  All you need to do is choose the item, enter the condition, and whether you have the original accessories available, […]

SoundNote – iPad App Review

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SoundNote is an outstanding note-taking app for the iPad. It has a similar, intuitive interface to Apple’s Journal App, but adds many capabilities. As the name implies, one of SoundNote’s greatest features is to capture audio as you are taking notes. It also syncs your written notes to the audio, so that when you review your notes, […]

Password Safety

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Coming up with secure passwords is one of the most important tasks of your digital life, and it’s certainly one of the most tedious. But that’s not reason enough to stick with simple, generic codes. While you may think that spelling your dog’s name backwards is a clever way to deceive any prying eyes, it […]

Webtools – Free Online File Conversion

Have you received an email with a file attachment but didn’t have the program to open it?  Anyone who hasn’t upgraded past Office 2003 knows the pain of receiving an Office 2007/2010 file that wouldn’t open. Have you ever been working remotely on a mobile device that didn’t have the tools you would have in […] – a Web Site to Unite Your Personal Finances has been around for a few years, but I often find friends who are not aware of it, and as a fan, I like to spread the word.  Mint is a web-based service which allows you to collect and track all of your personal financial data in one place.  For me it has been […]

Internet Explorer 9 – Looks Like Microsoft Got It Right

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Although I have spent some time using Firefox, have been very impressed with Chrome, and use Safari every day on my iPad and MacBook, Internet Explorer has been my browser of choice since Netscape was bought by AOL. One of the major factors is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM, an IE-only web-based customer relationship management database, […]

Liza Moon Virus and MySQL Injection Attack

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A SQL injection attack named “Liza Moon”, after the first known web site to be compromised, has been spreading since December 2010, but appears to be accelerating and has to date affected millions of users. There are two parts to this virus. First, the injection attack targets web sites running unpatched MySQL server instances, and […]

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