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Amazon’s New Tablet is on Fire and Silky Smooth

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This morning, Amazon introduced four new versions of the Kindle, its ground-breaking e-reader. Prices are dramatically reduced, with the lowest model costing just $79. At the event, CEO Jeff Bezos also debuted a brand new Amazon tablet, the Kindle Fire. It sells for $199, compared with $499 for an iPad. Currently, Apple commands the […]

When Technology Becomes a Weapon – Cyberbullying in Schools

Technology enhances the learning experience, and at Network Blogsource we encourage educators to embrace innovation and teach students how to use their cell phones, laptops, iPads and other devices constructively. But as with any freedom given to students, there is the risk that it will be abused. It’s the responsibility of teachers and parents to […]

Warning: Your Laptop is Not a Leg Warmer

Today marks the last day of summer and the beginning of a temperature drop. So while you’re searching for ways to keep warm as the chilly weather rolls in, beware of the heat coming off your computer. Even though working on your laptop may seem like the perfect way to keep your legs nice and […]

Skitchin’ Screen Shots

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  As I move further along in my transition from being a lifelong Windows user to immersing myself into Mac OS, I occasionally get stuck with seemingly trivial tasks that I wouldn’t have given much thought to on my Windows machine.  Recently I realized I didn’t know how to quickly take a screen shot and […]

Teaching Finance with the NFL

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Now that football season has kicked off, it’s the perfect time to highlight an educational game based on our favorite pigskinned pastime. VISA and the NFL have teamed up to create Financial Football, a free program that combines personal finance questions with a football video game to teach students about money management. The game is […]

New and Classic Children’s Books Come to Life on the iPad

As soon as the iPad hit the market last year, it became obvious that this device, with its hands-on interactive features and user-friendly layout, is an ideal teaching tool for children. Developers saw this opportunity and immediately began writing and designing children’s books specifically for the iPad. But with the vast number of books in […]

Using Your Edhead When It Comes To Science

Science offers some of the most entertaining and amazing learning opportunities for students. Chemical reactions, engineering feats, electricity and the development of life are all remarkable processes to discover in the classroom, but it’s easy to get bogged down with the details, definitions and formulas, losing the magic along the way. is a site that […]

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