Network Outsource Presents Effective Technology Management Workshop

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Renowned author, speaker, IT executive and management strategist Erick Simpson of SPC International and MSP University joined Network Outsource at the ASSET Educational Technology Conference on March 10th. Erick shared his experiences in building and managing a team of technology professionals in order to meet the diverse needs of today’s education environment, which has grown to include infrastructure management, mobile device and wireless, user support, security, cloud computing and STEAM curriculum integration.

Erick spoke with the Director of Music Education and Technology for Central Islip School District Phil Voigt and Network Outsource’s Chief Technology Officer Jim Woods about how their partnership has enabled the school district to stay on the cutting edge of technology, while eliminating the daily “noise” that previously plagued Phil as an IT director.

Watch the presentation to learn how to manage the on-going development of your team to keep pace with constant evolution of technology and requirements. Erick provides advice on how you can leverage vendor relationships and work with technology partners to get the best results for your district.


Network Outsource Receives Global Recognition as a Top Managed Services Provider

Network Outsource Named as Top 100 Managed Service Provider in the World by MSPmentorWe are proud to announce that Network Outsource has once again ranked within the top 100 companies on Nine Lives Media’s seventh-annual MSPmentor 501 Global Edition.

Coming in at number 85, this is the fifth consecutive year Network Outsource has appeared on the distinguished list and research report identifying the world’s top managed service providers (MSPs). This year’s MSPmentor 501 Global report includes MSPs from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and its continuing effort to provide the best service and optimal technology solutions to our clients.

Network Outsource has been planning, implementing and managing the IT services and product requirements of schools, small business and nonprofit organizations in the New York Metropolitan area since 1996.

The MSPmentor 501 Global report recognizes top managed service providers based on a range of metrics, including annual managed services revenue growth, revenue per employee, managed services offered and customer devices managed.

Target Offers $200 Gift Card for iPad Trade-in, Including First Generation

Target is offering gift cards valued at a minimum of $200 for trade-in iPads, including first-generation models.Through November 9, Target is holding an in-store promotion for its trade-in program offering gift cards worth a minimum of $200 for old iPads, including first generation models.

If you have an iPad that you no longer use, or if you’re looking to upgrade then visit a Target mobility store in the next few days. The $200 gift card is higher than most trade-in offers, particularly on the lower-value first generation iPad.

Target requires that the trade-in iPads are functioning and have no scratches on the display. Target usually offers $65 for a working 16 GB first generation iPad and $145 for a 16 GB iPad.


8.1 Gives Windows Users a Reason to Upgrade

Many of the features Microsoft began to deliver with Windows 8 are fully developed in Windows 8.1.

When Windows 8 hit the market last year, it sent loyal Microsoft users into an uproar with drastic changes in the look and functionality of the classic operating system.

So users, who decided not to upgrade in favor of the familiarity of traditional Windows, may view the recent release of 8.1 with little regard. But with this latest update, many of the half-filled promises made by the initial release of Windows 8 are now becoming a reality. (more…)

Apple Wants to Brighten Your Day With its Newest iPhones

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Apple's media event invitation suggests new color options for the iPhone

On the eve of Apple’s media event in San Francisco, fans are buzzing about new iPhones and Apple’s hinted promise of more color options.

Ever since Apple released its invitation last week, rumors have been circulating about the expected features on two new iPhones, the 5S and the 5C, a lesser-expensive plastic version of the device that is expected to compete with inexpensive Android phones.

Both phones will run Apple’s new operating system – iOS 7. The next version looks drastically different from older versions. iOS 7 features a new design and tools, including a Control Center with easy access to settings from any screen and new multitasking features.


Central Islip School District Opens Exploration Academy

Central Islip's Exploration Academy Uses Technology to Enhance Arts and Sciences. Image courtesy of News 12.

Central Islip School District celebrated the opening of its Exploration Academy Campus yesterday. The Exploration Academy Campus will include four schools that utilize cutting edge technology to enhance the individual learning experience for each student.

“I think it’s going to make teaching and learning much more intimate for our students,” said Mulligan Middle School Principal Dr. Tracey Hudson.

Mulligan Middle School will house the Health and Medical Sciences Academy and Visual Media Arts Academy, while Reed Middle School will house the Forensic Legal Sciences Academy and Performing Arts Academy.

Network Outsource technicians Anthony,Paul and Tom joined in the Exploration Academy opening day celebration.

Network Outsource congratulates Central Islip School District on opening the Exploration Academy Campus. We are happy to be a part of this effort to use technology to enhance education in arts and sciences.

Spam Now Accounts for 70% of All Email

Email scams are on the rise. Results from Kapersky Lab show that spam email has risen by 4% in the past few months, now accounting for over 70% of all emails sent – the highest it has ever been.

Common spam emails include those disguised as popular delivery services, like UPS and the United States Postal Service, claiming that a package is waiting for you at the company’s local warehouse. The email prompts you to click on a link to access the confirmation number required to retrieve the package. These messages can look very convincing; however, the giveaway is the sender’s email address. The email name may say UPS or US Postal Service, but the domain will not be from the official carrier.

Other popular spamming campaigns come in the form of e-cards. Traditionally these messages are only sent around major holidays like Christmas and Mother’s Day, but Kapersky reports that spammers are now utilizing the e-card foil year-round, mimicking large retailers like Hallmark.

Clicking on links in spam email can open up your computer to viruses that may destroy its operations or steal important personal data like credit card or banking information. It is very important to be aware of these scams, and approach all incoming mail with care.

How to protect yourself

Consciously being on the lookout for spam is the best way to protect your computer and your personal information. Do not open emails from unknown senders. Delete these immediately. And do not click on suspicious links sent from people you know. Their accounts could have been hacked, sending mass emails with dangerous links to all of their contacts. If you receive such an email from a known sender, contact the person and ask if the message is legitimate. If it’s not, then you’ll be protecting yourself and doing that person a favor by letting him know his account was compromised.

Employing a strong email filter is another great option for protecting yourself. Popular free email sites like Gmail and Yahoo utilize junk folders and spam filters, but even they have their limits. Investing in a managed email service that is regularly monitored and updated offers security features that aren’t available from Gmail and other similar sites. For more information on how a managed email service can protect your personal information and your computer network, contact Network Outsource.

New App Simplifies iPhone Photo Search

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With the at-the-ready convenience of smartphone cameras, most iPhone owners now use the device as their primary method for taking pictures.

But the ease and simplicity of snapping memorable moments on your phone can quickly lead to a library of hundreds or even thousands of photos. Going back to find that perfect shot to post as your Facebook profile picture or simply recalling a funny scene you want to share with friends can become frustrating once you start scrolling through a strip of blurred thumbnails. (more…)

Add History to Your Holiday Weekend With the Library of Congress Digital Collection

With Memorial Day just ahead this weekend, you may want to supplement your schedule of beaching and barbecuing with an educational trip into the holiday’s history. If you don’t have the time to travel to Arlington National Cemetery or Washington D.C., you can still brush up on American military history for free digitally on the Library of Congress’ website.

A perfect exhibit for this weekend is the Veteran’s History Project, which collects and preserves the personal stories of American war veterans. Documents include soldiers’ first hand accounts, touching personal letters and photographs from all major American conflicts since World War I.

Along with Veteran’s history, you can browse recordings from the National Jukebox Project, archival newspapers and thousands of photographs documenting important events in American history. Many of these items are available to download for free.

Another staple of summery Americana can be found in the baseball section of the website that features a collection of more than 2,000 early baseball cards.

Take Live TV Wherever You Go With Belkin’s New Mobile TV Receiver – No Internet Required

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Just in time for finale season and the beginning of summertime
shows, Belkin released its Dyle Mobile TV receiver for Apple devices.

The mobile TV receiver is designed to enable live broadcast
television content to be watched on your iPhone or iPad using the Dyle TV App. What makes this device stand out from other mobile TV receivers is that it does not require Wi-Fi or a mobile network to stream content. Instead, it uses the Dyle App to pick up live TV over the air. Access is limited to 37 major markets
around the country. (more…)

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