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Kindling the Fire With Children’s Books

The Kindle Fire has a plethora of features to play games, watch TV shows and movies and share pictures that put it in a league with leading tablet devices. Add these to its affordable price tag and the Fire poses a serious threat to the iPad. But Amazon’s latest move shows that it is returning […]

The Kindle Fire for Education

Jeff Bezos’ announcement yesterday about Amazon’s latest line of products has the tech world buzzing. But educators have reason to be just as excited about the Kindle Fire, with its variety of uses in the classroom and on campus. The 7” design makes handling easy for all students, from youngsters in kindergarten to college athletes. […]

Amazon’s New Tablet is on Fire and Silky Smooth

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This morning, Amazon introduced four new versions of the Kindle, its ground-breaking e-reader. Prices are dramatically reduced, with the lowest model costing just $79. At the event, CEO Jeff Bezos also debuted a brand new Amazon tablet, the Kindle Fire. It sells for $199, compared with $499 for an iPad. Currently, Apple commands the […]

Oh the iRony!

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Even before its official unveiling at the World Wide Developers Conference, the iCloud, Apple’s venture into cloud computing, has been the hot topic in the tech world. Much talk has been made about the potential impact iCloud will have on existing cloud solutions like Amazon’s S3 and Microsoft’s Windows Azure OS. But some surprising news […]

Are You Devouring Music Online? (Poll)

With all the buzz these days about Cloud Players, will Apple or won’t Apple, and the multitude of options that are out there to devour as much music as you heart desires, it really makes us curious about how many people out there are really taking advantage of the online music options available to them.

What is Cloud Computing?

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In a recent post, I discussed how Amazon is now making music storage and streaming available in the Cloud. You may be thinking, that’s great, but do they also plan on selling extra-long headphones? Amazon’s new music service is just one example of cloud computing. The music isn’t literally up in the air. Although, that […]

Music from the Cloud

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With the number of tech devices the average person possesses these days, it’s no wonder our digital selves are strewn across a range of smartphones, PCs and tablets. While these gadgets provide immeasurable conveniences for our everyday lives, they can also lead to the inconvenience of isolated data. This is particularly noticeable in the case […]

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