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Spotify to Launch a Web-Based Application and Facebook-Free Login?

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Reports surfaced this week that the popular music service is preparing to launch a version that will work entirely on a Web browser, without requiring users to download a desktop client. According to AllThingsD: Some users should start seeing the option pop up in the next month or so. In practical terms, that means new […]

Search Gets Personal

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From the creators that brought us Siri, the humble personal assistant, comes a humble “personal discovery engine.” Trapit, the latest release from the CALO project, is challenging dominant search tools like Google and Facebook with its learning technology that personalizes search results and discovers what you like based on your online behavior. The site’s key […]

When Technology Becomes a Weapon – Cyberbullying in Schools

Technology enhances the learning experience, and at Network Blogsource we encourage educators to embrace innovation and teach students how to use their cell phones, laptops, iPads and other devices constructively. But as with any freedom given to students, there is the risk that it will be abused. It’s the responsibility of teachers and parents to […]

Skitchin’ Screen Shots

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  As I move further along in my transition from being a lifelong Windows user to immersing myself into Mac OS, I occasionally get stuck with seemingly trivial tasks that I wouldn’t have given much thought to on my Windows machine.  Recently I realized I didn’t know how to quickly take a screen shot and […]

Facebook Updates its Privacy Settings – Again

Facebook is overhauling its privacy settings – frequent targets of criticism for their opaque policies and difficulty of use. This comes as Google’s new social service, Google+, gains popularity. Google+ allows users to customize the privacy settings on everything they post. Connections are separated into “circles,” simplifying the sharing and concealment of information. Facebook’s new […]

Turning The Table On Spotify

Last time we checked, the majority of our readers were only dabbling in streaming music services.  In most cases free services, such as Pandora, Grooveshark or Last.FM were being used more frequently than the paid versions, Pandora One, Grooveshark Plus, or even the pay-only services such as MOG or Rdio. Since our poll, new services […]

What is the Fuss About Google+?

  If you’re someone who follows the latest tech news or social networking buzz in general, you’ve undoubtedly at least heard about Google’s newest foray into social networking, Google+.    After several attempts at gaining some sort of social foothold, the buzz (no pun intended) is that Google has finally found their “Facebook Killer”. After […]

Happy World IPv6 Day!

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What would you do if you were told that the Internet was full? Like most other Web users, you’d probably take that as a joke. The Internet can’t possibly fill up. It’s … well … it’s the Internet. This isn’t a joke though. The Internet, in its current form, has almost reached capacity. The Internet’s […]

Is Your Facebook Information Overexposed?

For most Facebook users, the term friend is no longer reserved for one’s closest confidants. Friend encompasses family, acquaintances, coworkers and clients. While this can be a great tool for networking and building stronger relationships with your colleagues, you probably don’t want Chris from human resources flipping through your Memorial Day Weekend photo album. Luckily, […]

Turn Data Overload Into a Business Strategy

At any given moment, you are the target for streams of information originating from email, to texts, to Facebook, to old-fashion face to face conversation. As a testament, while writing this last sentence, I posted a tweet and checked my email – twice. This information overload spills over into every aspect of life, including your […]

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