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Google Glass Puts Users’ Privacy at Risk

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Google Glass was released to the public recently when 8,000 beta testers were selected by the company to purchase and try the new device. Already several security risks are coming to light. Besides the fear that wearable technology equipped with cameras can put any bystanders at risk of being recorded without their knowledge (one bar […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Gmail

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In honor of Google’s 14th birthday, Mashable published a beginner’s guide to Gmail. Now that it’s securely in its teens, you can finally feel comfortable closing that AOL Account you’ve been hanging on to since 1998, and make the switch to Gmail. The guide is great for beginners and longtime Gmail users, who want to brush up their […]

Microsoft has Google and Mozilla up in ARMS

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Microsoft has revealed the new Windows RT, a version of its OS that is optimized for ARM processors. Like the other versions of Windows 8, it will include both a Windows interface and a mobile layout option. The system, which comes complete with MS Office 2010, has come under fire from both Mozilla and Google […]

Search Gets Personal

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From the creators that brought us Siri, the humble personal assistant, comes a humble “personal discovery engine.” Trapit, the latest release from the CALO project, is challenging dominant search tools like Google and Facebook with its learning technology that personalizes search results and discovers what you like based on your online behavior. The site’s key […]

Facebook Updates its Privacy Settings – Again

Facebook is overhauling its privacy settings – frequent targets of criticism for their opaque policies and difficulty of use. This comes as Google’s new social service, Google+, gains popularity. Google+ allows users to customize the privacy settings on everything they post. Connections are separated into “circles,” simplifying the sharing and concealment of information. Facebook’s new […]

What is the Fuss About Google+?

  If you’re someone who follows the latest tech news or social networking buzz in general, you’ve undoubtedly at least heard about Google’s newest foray into social networking, Google+.    After several attempts at gaining some sort of social foothold, the buzz (no pun intended) is that Google has finally found their “Facebook Killer”. After […]

Me on the Web

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Don’t lie. You know you’ve done it. Besides satisfying that occasional narcissistic craving, Googling yourself can actually benefit your image. In the era of Twitter and YouTube, monitoring your digital footprint and seeing what’s being said and posted about you on the Web are necessary to protect […]

Happy World IPv6 Day!

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What would you do if you were told that the Internet was full? Like most other Web users, you’d probably take that as a joke. The Internet can’t possibly fill up. It’s … well … it’s the Internet. This isn’t a joke though. The Internet, in its current form, has almost reached capacity. The Internet’s […]

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