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Office for iPad is Finally Here

It has taken four years, but Microsoft has finally released a version of its well-known Office software for Apple’s iPad. Office for iPad is a set of productivity products that operate as three fully functioning standalone iPad applications as well as compliments to their desktop versions. Office for iPad is available in the App Store […]

8.1 Gives Windows Users a Reason to Upgrade

When Windows 8 hit the market last year, it sent loyal Microsoft users into an uproar with drastic changes in the look and functionality of the classic operating system. So users, who decided not to upgrade in favor of the familiarity of traditional Windows, may view the recent release of 8.1 with little regard. But […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Gmail

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In honor of Google’s 14th birthday, Mashable published a beginner’s guide to Gmail. Now that it’s securely in its teens, you can finally feel comfortable closing that AOL Account you’ve been hanging on to since 1998, and make the switch to Gmail. The guide is great for beginners and longtime Gmail users, who want to brush up their […]

App Turns Cell Phones From Driving Threats Into Driving Aids

Thousands of teens will be on the road next week for their return to school, many nervously sitting behind the wheel for the first time. With a smartphone in the pocket of almost every high school student, most parents are rightfully worried that these devices will become a threat to their teens’ already questionable driving. […]

Warning: Your Laptop is Not a Leg Warmer

Today marks the last day of summer and the beginning of a temperature drop. So while you’re searching for ways to keep warm as the chilly weather rolls in, beware of the heat coming off your computer. Even though working on your laptop may seem like the perfect way to keep your legs nice and […]

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