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9 Requirements of a Strong BYOD Policy

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A recent study by Gartner Security revealed that 59% of employees, who use their personal devices at work, have not signed any formal agreement with their company. With more than a quarter of US workers using their own technology at work, company information is regularly flowing through unsecured and unregistered devices. “The threat of cyber […]

Microsoft Announces it Will No Longer Support Windows XP, Seriously

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This week marked the first Update Tuesday – Microsoft’s designated day to push out monthly OS and security updates to supported devices – that did not cover Windows XP. Brandon LeBlanc, a spokesperson for Microsoft, reinforced that detail in a blog post on Tuesday. “With today’s Update Tuesday, if you are still on Windows XP […]

Microsoft’s Patch for Internet Explorer on XP is Exception Not the Rule

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After last week’s highly publicized Internet Explorer security flaw, Microsoft released an emergency update to patch the vulnerability. The update, named MS13-021, offered a fix for versions 6-11 of Internet Explorer on all supported editions of Windows, as well as IE versions 6, 7 and 8 on Windows XP machines. The decision to offer an […]

Google Glass Puts Users’ Privacy at Risk

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Google Glass was released to the public recently when 8,000 beta testers were selected by the company to purchase and try the new device. Already several security risks are coming to light. Besides the fear that wearable technology equipped with cameras can put any bystanders at risk of being recorded without their knowledge (one bar […]

CloudSource News – September 2012

Everything Under the Cloud                                                        September 2012   The High Cost of Recovery Small to medium size businesses are what keep this country running. Unfortunately, for many of their […]

Don’t Touch that App! Mobile Malware is on the Rise

Malware isn’t just a problem for traditional PCs anymore. Malicious software targeting mobile devices is on the rise, and thousands of smartphone users have already been affected. Lookout Mobile Security released its Mobile Threat Report this week, highlighting some scary trends in phone security. According to the report, the average user is 2.5 times more […]

Warning: Google Images Can Damage Your Computer

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Be careful when browsing through your favorite pictures of Katy Perry at work. They could cost you more than just lost productivity and a few sideways glances from your officemates. Clicking on Google Images can now pose serious threats to your computer. The SANS Internet Storm Center has reported on a wave of malicious anti-virus software […]

Dropbox Unlocks Accounts: Leaves User Info Vulnerable

Dropbox dropped the ball on Sunday, when it left its 25 million users’ accounts unlocked for four hours. The cloud-based file storing-and-sharing company attributed the incident to a programming change that introduced a bug into its system, allowing accounts to be opened without proper authentication. The bug was released at 1:54 p.m. PT, and the […]

Password Safety Update: LastPass Compromised

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In a recent statement, LastPass, the password encryption service that creates and stores high-quality passwords and login information, announced that its database of user accounts was compromised. The company noticed unauthorized activity occurring within its system earlier this week and responded by requiring all users to change their master password as an extra security measure. […]

Password Safety

Posted by | Filed under Personal Computing, Tips and Tricks | Apr 15, 2011 | Tags: , , , , | No Comments

Coming up with secure passwords is one of the most important tasks of your digital life, and it’s certainly one of the most tedious. But that’s not reason enough to stick with simple, generic codes. While you may think that spelling your dog’s name backwards is a clever way to deceive any prying eyes, it […]

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