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New Tech Polls Twitter for Real-Time Ratings of Candidates

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  After the first presidential debate, we showed you apps that can help you stay informed on the candidates’ positions and standings as they campaign through the last few weeks before the election. This week, not only can you keep track of their records, lies and flip flops, you can also gauge how their performance […]

Mobile Learning in 2012

The future of technology lies in mobility. From iPads to smartphones, users want to access their information and connect with each other from any location. This goes for technology in schools too. The Education Publishing blog put together its top 10 trends and predictions for mobile learning in 2012: Increased proliferation of tablet and smartphones […]

Skitchin’ Screen Shots

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  As I move further along in my transition from being a lifelong Windows user to immersing myself into Mac OS, I occasionally get stuck with seemingly trivial tasks that I wouldn’t have given much thought to on my Windows machine.  Recently I realized I didn’t know how to quickly take a screen shot and […]

Turning The Table On Spotify

Last time we checked, the majority of our readers were only dabbling in streaming music services.  In most cases free services, such as Pandora, Grooveshark or Last.FM were being used more frequently than the paid versions, Pandora One, Grooveshark Plus, or even the pay-only services such as MOG or Rdio. Since our poll, new services […]

What is the Fuss About Google+?

  If you’re someone who follows the latest tech news or social networking buzz in general, you’ve undoubtedly at least heard about Google’s newest foray into social networking, Google+.    After several attempts at gaining some sort of social foothold, the buzz (no pun intended) is that Google has finally found their “Facebook Killer”. After […]

Me on the Web

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Don’t lie. You know you’ve done it. Besides satisfying that occasional narcissistic craving, Googling yourself can actually benefit your image. In the era of Twitter and YouTube, monitoring your digital footprint and seeing what’s being said and posted about you on the Web are necessary to protect […]

Apple Announces iCloud and More

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Apple announced its much anticipated iCloud yesterday at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Users can now store documents, photos, music, calendars and email online. But the cloud service, which will launch in the fall, was just one of several products rolled out yesterday. The next version of Mac software, called OS X […]

Technology Tips from The New York Times

Have you ever found that perfect, hilarious, insightful, touching article to dazzle the Twitter-scape, only to experience the crush of defeat when you go to post it and your number count turns red because the link is 141 characters? Are you engaged in an ongoing battle with Word’s auto-formatting? Is your voicemail box full because […]

Turn Data Overload Into a Business Strategy

At any given moment, you are the target for streams of information originating from email, to texts, to Facebook, to old-fashion face to face conversation. As a testament, while writing this last sentence, I posted a tweet and checked my email – twice. This information overload spills over into every aspect of life, including your […]

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