Healthcare IT Services and Healthcare IT Solutions

Healthcare providers have experienced a large number of data breaches and ransomware attacks. The proliferation of mobile medical applications will greatly expand the threats they face.

Our comprehensive approach to IT services hinges on proactive security measures which fortify the IT assets of healthcare companies to ensure proper protection.

healthcare IT services in New York City

Here are a few of the concerns Network Outsource handles for our healthcare clients:

  • Security concerns including data privacy, phishing attacks, ransomware, and malware
  • Emergent applications and technologies for the healthcare industry including wireless networks to support mobile healthcare devices
  • HIPAA/HITECH compliance expertise which includes PCI knowledge for payment methods
  • Mobile device management solutions including data encryption, remote wipe, and secure Wifi networks requiring two-factor authentication to fortify security
  • Patient data portals allowing secure medical records storage, online scheduling, web prescription pads
  • Mobile device management solutions – encrypting mobile devices as well as provide the ability to wipe devices that become lost or misplaced reducing the risks of data loss
  • Secure Wi-Fi networks that limit the ability for rogue devices to access the network and access any patient data

Is Your Healthcare Organization Suffering from Unreliable IT Support?

Since the number one priority of any healthcare organization lies with the care of their patients, most medical firms opt to outsource their IT support to ensure fully operational IT systems and fortified data security. Unfortunately, there are many IT support companies who talk the talk but who lack the experience and knowledge to follow through on what healthcare organizations truly need.

Network Outsource has been proudly serving the healthcare industry in Metro NYC and the surrounding areas since 1996. Our team of expert technicians has the industry certifications and professional experience to bring top-tier security and technology solutions to healthcare businesses in need of dependable IT support.

Looking for More Efficient Admissions and Prescription Fulfillment?

  • Admissions – The process of starting an office visit can require trips to several different admission folks for patients who may be injured. Our wireless solutions allow patients to remain where they are as portable admission tablets can be brought to them.
  • Prescription Fulfillment – Wireless technology can be employed allowing doctors to contact the local pharmacy from the examination room, providing the opportunity to answer any patient questions/concerns as the order is being placed

Looking for More Efficient Admissions and Prescription Fulfillment?

Busy healthcare professionals need their IT environment to be optimized to support efficient workflow processes.

To this end, Network Outsource offers healthcare organizations:

  • Predictable IT support costs tailored to fit any budget
  • Practice management software support
  • EMR/EHR security
  • HIPAA compliance consulting and management
  • Proactive IT maintenance
  • Real-time IT answers to employee questions and troubleshooting requests
  • Executive-level IT advice
  • A team of IT specialists committed to your business success
  • Advanced cybersecurity measures to keep your network and data secure

Does Network Outsource Have Expertise in HIPAA Compliance Regulations?

With penalties for HIPAA compliance violations severe, no healthcare organization can afford to have an amateur on the job.

Network Outsource employs a team of qualified HIPAA IT compliance specialists who are thoroughly acquainted with the IT-related mandates of the legislation.

Our team makes certain all patient information, medical records, and internal workflow documents are secure, recoverable, and accessible at all times.

What Can I Expect from Network Outsource?

  • Vendor management services
  • IT systems optimization to provide an efficient workflow
  • Vendor management
  • Application integrations and automation
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance for optimal security
  • HIPAA-compliant data storage options
  • HIPAA compliance consulting
  • Affordable, flat-rate monthly payments for IT support