Network Outsource can Help Educators Meet Technology Goals

Cloud technology provided by Microsoft can improve teaching, increase learning, and reduce expenses. Network Outsource can support and protect these services.  

Microsoft Technology Education

Innovative teaching, coupled with cutting edge technology, is crucial to meeting the highest educational standards in the classroom. Educators also need the most effective tools to meet their instructional goals. Microsoft is providing schools with advanced cloud technology that assists in the learning process. The following explains several reasons why you need Microsoft Technology.

1. Why You Need to Provide Real-Time Feedback and Assessment

Great teaching is only the first step in providing a quality education. Feedback and assessment are also critical components of the educational process. Microsoft assists instructors with the often time-consuming process of providing feedback and assessment. Windows 10 offers several tools to provide increased collaboration and improved feedback. OneNote Class Notebook allows instructors to give real-time coaching and feedback by typing directly into a student’s individual notebook.

2. Why it’s Important to Stay in Pace with IoT

The IoT is basically interrelated devices all communicating with one another seamlessly. Desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones should all be able to work together effortlessly by sharing data and other information through internet connectivity. IoT is changing and improving at such a rapid pace that unless you’re an expert in the field of technology it’s difficult to keep up. Working with Microsoft, as well as an expert cloud provider with access to a wide variety of processing resources, is necessary to provide the most advanced and efficient levels of technology.

3. How to Increase Innovative Teaching

Microsoft can contribute to improved innovation in teaching through a variety of cloud technologies. There are several options for educators to choose from when planning and putting together lessons for their students.

  • Windows 10 – Windows 10 is a basic operating system for tablets and computers. It’s flexible, simple, and provides built-in security.
  • Office 365 Education – Office 365 Education features a variety of services for educators and students. These include Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Each of these are free for students and educators. Office 365 also offers unlimited cloud storage.
  • OneNote Class Notebook – This is also available free for students and schools. It’s an excellent device for organizing materials and promotes easy collaboration.
  • Minecraft – The Education Edition offers games and lessons on nearly every subject, including math, science, language arts, and history. Material is available for students as young as three through high-school age.

4. Ways to Improve Technology

Microsoft Technology coupled with cloud computing can help schools improve their technology. Students need access to the most updated world maps, science data, and current events. Schools can have access to the latest information through Microsoft technologies. Improved technology promotes and facilitates improved learning. Robin Lowell, a Microsoft education expert, states, “With Windows 10 and Office 365, students can personalize how they consume content.”

5. How You Can Reduce Expenses

Cloud technology can save money in a variety of ways. ResourceEd states that using various cloud technologies not only can improve teaching and access to technology, but save a school money. The following are several specific ways technology costs can be reduced.

  • Best Technology at Affordable Prices – Cloud technology, such as Microsoft, provides the top technological services at reasonable prices. A lot of services can be obtained on a subscription basis.
  • Automatic Upgrades – Upgrading your own technology can prove costly. Cloud services will provide frequent and automatic upgrades. This means students will have access to the latest technology without further spending.
  • Scalable Options – A variety of problems can arise when a school is responsible for all their own data storage. It can be expensive to install the needed software and hardware. Storing large amounts of data is easy in the cloud.

Connectivity and mobility are crucial aspects of a successful technology program. Network Outsource can expertly manage the mobility students often need. Whether it’s tablets, phones, or a desktop, students must be able to collaborate and connect whether they’re at school or at home. Network Outsource also provides extensive IT support services throughout the NYC and Long Island area. They also make sure data is backed up and protected by implementing the most advanced security strategies. Contact Network Outsource for more information.