What Schools Should Know About G Suite and Microsoft Office 365

Discover the most important advantages of Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite to know which program is the best fit for your educational institution.  

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Google G Suite vs. Microsoft Office 365

Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 both have much to offer. Both platforms offer tools for creating written documents, sending and receiving emails, keeping track of homework assignments, collaborating with teachers and fellow students and much more. Both platforms also provide plenty of cloud storage space for educators and students alike. Additionally, both tools are totally free, enabling educational institutions to use important programs at no cost.

Even so, the programs aren’t identical. It’s important to know the outstanding features of each platform to know which one is best for any given situation. The following overview of Google G Suite’s and Microsoft Office 365’s strong points will enable school administrators to make a wise decision when choosing a platform for teachers and students to use.

The Advantages of Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft Office 365 for schools is available in three different versions. One is free while the other two are available for a nominal fee. Schools that purchase the paid version are able to access apps such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel offline and as well as online. G Suite, on the other hand, doesn’t offer offline access to its apps.
  • Microsoft Office 365 offers access to Skype, a video conferencing program that is second to none. This program’s high-quality video and audio capabilities enable teachers to set up conference calls, video chats and even online collaborative learning opportunities with classrooms outside the city, state or even country.
  • Microsoft’s OneNote app is a particularly handy feature that enables students and teachers to collect notes in a variety of formats, including audio, text, videos and graphics. What is more, OneNote categorizes the notes and even has a search feature that can read typed and hand-written notes so that information can be located quickly and easily.
  • Microsoft gets high marks for its high level of security. This is particularly important given the fact that there were 122 security breaches at educational institutions in 2018 alone. These breaches, which could compromise the personal data of past and present students alike, can be avoided with Office 365’s tight security measures to prevent access by unauthorized third parties.

The Advantages of Google G Suite

  • Google Classroom is perhaps the best app on Google G Suite. It makes it easy for teachers to give out and grade homework online, communicate with parents and students about important events, share information with other teachers and more. What is more, teachers can configure the program to enable students to communicate with each other while still being supervised by the teacher online. Students can also use Google Classroom to create digital portfolios, communicate privately with a teacher and chart progress towards individual goals using Google Sheets.
  • Google has taken pains to provide top-quality tools for students who are physically disabled and/or who suffer from learning disabilities. Tools such as TalkBack, BrailleBack and Voice Access are built into the system. Google also offers app extensions to Read & Write, Bee Line Reader and other great tools for budding readers and those who don’t speak English as their native language.
  • Google G Suite has an easy to use interface. Not all teachers and students are tech experts so G Suite’s intuitive interface is certainly a plus for those who want to focus on teaching and learning rather than figuring out how to use an educational platform. What is more, educators give Google high marks for its 24/7 customer service and assistance.

How to Pick and Set Up a Learning Platform

A school that is choosing a learning platform for teachers and students to use will want to assess its needs carefully in order to pick the most suitable platform. It can also be wise to take advantage of professional help in not only picking a platform but also getting it set up and having it monitored on an ongoing basis.

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