What are the Dangers of Failing to Upgrade IT Equipment in the Construction Industry?

Discover how your construction company can boost profits, save time, avoid hassles, and increase productivity by partnering with the right managed IT service.  

Construction IT Issues

Technology adaptation is one of the main challenges that construction companies face today. Unfortunately, failing to upgrade IT equipment when needed doesn’t just create hassles. It can be a matter of life and death for a construction company.

The following are some of the main dangers of not upgrading IT hardware and software in a timely manner.


Cyberattacks can have a severe impact on the safety of a construction site by compromising the safety and functionality of digitized construction equipment. What is more, these attacks can also:

  • Give malicious third-parties access to employees’, contractors’ and clients’ personal information
  • Hold your data hostage, with the threat that it would all be deleted if you do not pay a hefty ransom
  • Compromise sensitive business data such as proprietary constructions designs and building plans
  • Cause a loss of confidence in your business
  • Result in legal action against your company

Decreased Efficiency

Even the best IT hardware and software programs don’t last forever. They need regular maintenance and upgrades to run as well as they should. Failing to upgrade IT technology results in wasted time as employees wait for slow servers and/or computers to save data, open programs, and perform other vital tasks. What is more, old equipment tends to break down frequently, resulting in delays while waiting for an IT technician to diagnose and remedy the problem.

On the other hand, the right apps, hardware and software can have a dramatic, positive impact on any construction company. Cutting-edge software solutions made specifically for the construction industry offer these and other benefits:

  • The ability to view and update documents, schedules and other files in real-time
  • Real-time data collection and transmission from on-the-job construction teams and offsite project managers
  • Data integration between various apps and programs
  • Employee and device tracking to improve productivity, efficiency and safety on the job site

Loss of Income

Clients will naturally take a number of factors into account when selecting a construction company. These include relevant experience, a referral from a trusted source, cost, materials used, and the speed with which a job can be completed. A company’s IT infrastructure may not seem like an important factor but it has an impact on all the other factors outlined above. With the right apps, hardware, and software, a construction company can show clients that it can get jobs done faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost than a competitor. However, sub-par hardware and/or software can make it difficult for a construction company to:

  • Send invoices
  • Bid on jobs
  • Communicate with clients and suppliers
  • Provide employees with the information they need to do their jobs

How Working with a Managed IT Service can Prevent These and Other Issues

Not all managed IT services cater to the needs of construction companies, but those that do offer a wide range of practical solutions that can be customized to meet any company’s specific needs and budget. These include:

  • Top-tier IT security to prevent cyberattacks
  • 24/7 support from experienced IT professionals who are familiar with the construction industry and its needs
  • Secure cloud servers to allow for a company to share and store information online
  • Ongoing training for employees to prevent breaches and increase productivity
  • Support for core applications as well as industry-specific software
  • Efficient mobile device management

Network Outsource has more than two decades of experience providing executive-level IT consulting services to construction companies in and around New York. The company’s IT professionals have the experience, training and resources on hand to tackle any difficulty or challenge a construction company may face. What is more, we partner with the best hardware and software vendors in the country to offer clients cutting edge technology at reasonable prices. Get in touch with us to learn more or to make an appointment at your convenience.