How Construction Companies can Avoid Common Cybersecurity Risks

Discover what the most common cybercrimes are today and learn how your construction company can effectively avoid breaches, hacks, ransom demands and more.

While it is clear that cybercriminals are targeting the construction industry more than ever, knowing how to fight back against these deadly attacks can be difficult. The following overview offers a good starting point for construction company owners and managers who want to protect their valuable data.

Knowing the Risks

Following is an overview of the five main cybersecurity risks that construction companies are up against:

  1. Ransomware
  2. Phishing attacks
  3. Social Engineering attacks
  4. Malicious pop-up ads
  5. Fake wireless networks

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Cybercrime

Construction companies that want to avoid becoming cybercrime victims should take the following steps. These effective, tried and proven tips will not only help protect a company from cybercrime but also drastically limit the damage should an attack occur.

  • Update IT hardware and software. Research clearly shows that running out of date programs increases the risk of a cyberattack. On the other hand, upgraded hardware and software can boost company efficiency and profits.
  • Train employees to maintain awareness at all times. Office personnel should watch out for anything that appears suspicious. Furthermore, employees should always check with a manager or business owner before replying to an email involving the transfer of funds and/or sensitive information.
  • Choose passwords with care. An ideal password should be more than nine characters in length and should include a mix of letters, numbers and symbols. Passwords should never be used for more than one account and should never be written down. Set up two-factor authentication whenever possible to provide added security.
  • Use a VPN. A virtual private network enables company employees to send information to each other and to clients without worrying about breaches.
  • Back-up all company information regularly. Company files should be backed up on a secure cloud server and a hard drive kept at the office. Regularly updated backups are invaluable if a ransomware attack occurs as the company won’t be obligated to pay out money to regain its valuable business data.

Working with an IT service provider that specializes in the construction industry can provide your construction company with the expert advice, assistance, and tools needed to minimize the risk of cyberattacks. Network Outsource is an NYC-based IT service provider that serves construction companies in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, providing business owners with the tools and services needed to keep IT hardware and software in good working order at all times. Get in touch to learn more or to start upgrading your IT set-up in order to boost security, streamline operations, and reach your full potential.