Is It Time for a New Managed IT Services Provider?

All IT services providers are not created equal. Is your provider doing what they should? Check out with Network Outsource has to say.  

Time For A New IT Services Company_

Network Outsource: Your IT Services Provider

The majority of modern businesses do have a managed IT services provider, and some even work with more than one. However, how do you know if the company you are trusting for your business’s IT needs and outsourced help desk services is a good one? There are three things that should tell you the company you work with may not be the best.

The IT services provider is not talking to them about the NY State SHIELD act in 2020.

In July of 2019, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new law into effect known as the SHIELD Act. SHIELD stands for Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security. When this law takes effect at the beginning of 2020, several things will change for business owners, including:

  • The definition of private information will broaden
  • More people will have to follow data breach notification purposes outside of typical business owners
  • A data breach will be more inclusive as a definitive occurrence, including information that is accessed without authorization
  • Specific measures must be taken and programs implemented to safeguard data and networks in a business setting

The best IT services in the state are taking initiative right now to get on board with all the new changes and making sure clients know what they will need to do. For example, many are updated their outsourced help desk procedures to better protect data. If you already have a service provider, and they’re not talking about SHIELD, it is a good sign you need to move on.

The IT services provider does not utilize modern cloud services.

Cloud services went mainstream a few years ago, and cloud computing is now an integral part of the majority of business operations. Studies show that roughly 96 percent of organizations rely on cloud computing on some level for things like:

  • Storing customer data
  • Eliminating the need for in-house data storage towers
  • Relieving the network of handling large loads of information
  • Making information more accessible in a faster way

If you are working with an IT services provider that is not offering you multiple cloud levels of service, you are working with a provider who is still doing things in an outdated way. For example, Network Outsource offers cloud-based cybersecurity services, cloud-based support, and more.

The IT services provider is not offering materials to educate employees about cybersecurity.

Yes, cybersecurity can be handled aptly by a managed IT services provider, but part of the responsibility also falls on the business owner to make sure every employee is educated. For instance, Small Business Trends says that 1 in 99 business emails is an attempted phishing attack.

An IT can implement programs to filter these emails, but if something slips through, employees should be able to recognize a potential threat when they see it. No tech should ever tell a business owner that they don’t have to train employees because they have it all covered; it’s simply not feasible. The best IT services provider will go the extra mile to make sure employees are knowledgeable about cybersecurity.

Talk to Network Outsource If You Believe It’s Time to Move On

Overall, an IT services provider should be something that empowers your business in a highly technological world. If you believe you are not getting the best in service, reach out to Network Outsource to find out how we can help.