How to Overcome the Biggest Problem with Technology in Schools

Discover how to take full advantage of all that technology can do for your students without worrying about maintaining or repairing complex IT systems.

Modern technology has undoubtedly changed the education industry and in most cases, the changes are for the best. Platforms such as Office 365 and Google G Suite enable students, parents, and teachers to communicate with each other efficiently and easily. Computers keep track of valuable data while making it available to faculty members with a click of a button. Educational websites allow teachers to provide children with a well-rounded education in an entertaining, engaging manner.

Even so, the inclusion of modern technology in today’s classrooms brings with it a number of challenges, and perhaps the largest of these challenges is managing and adapting to new technologies and technological developments.

Upgrading Technology and Software

As technology advances at a rapid pace, hardware devices can become outdated in a few short years. Educational institutions don’t have unlimited funds for regularly purchasing new equipment; at the same time, parents who are eager to offer their children the best possible education may be disappointed or even irate to see children using old computers at school.

Upgrading software programs is yet another big challenge. Software programs come with manual updates that need to be installed periodically. At the same time, tech companies such as Microsoft stop offering support for old software programs after a set period of time. Once support ends, these programs need to be replaced with new alternatives. Needless to say, staying abreast of a school’s software needs is a huge job and not all schools can afford to hire a dedicated, full-time IT tech to do the job.

Preventing Breaches

Tech companies aren’t the only ones continually innovating to create new products and services. Hackers are also continually at work, creating increasingly sophisticated malware programs such as ransomware to breach educational institutions’ security systems. Unfortunately, most schools don’t have the tools needed to keep breaches at bay, which is why more than 500 schools throughout the United States were hit by ransomware attacks in 2019 alone.

Sadly, hackers aren’t the only ones interested in access to a school’s proprietary information. Some students and even parents would be happy to gain access to the system in order to change test scores.

Introducing Network Outsource

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