Quality IT Support For New York City & Long Island Non-Profit Organizations

The right technology partner can make a world of difference when it comes to helping you make informed choices that support your mission.

Nonprofit IT Services

Non-profit organizations face a range of challenges, including rapidly evolving regulations, shifting tax codes, and increased competition for volunteers and donors. It’s not always easy managing everything while taking care of your own technology. That’s where a technology partner comes in handy – helping you make informed choices that support your mission. But how do you find great quality IT support for non-profit organizations like yours? Here are a few tips:

Build an ideal profile: The right technology partner should fit your ideal profile. For many non-profits, the ideal profile includes some or all of the following:

  • They give to charities similar to yours.
  • They have experience working with non-profit organizations.
  • They are local and in your neighborhood.
  • They have a natural connection to your mission.
  • They have an interest in supporting the community.
  • They have flexible pricing to help you stretch your budget.

Pay attention to capabilities: As a non-profit organization, around-the-clock monitoring, maintenance, and support is important. But it’s even more important that they’re capable of supporting your unique initiatives, such as:

  • Streamlining accounts payable and receivables
  • Monitoring and tracking program success
  • Improving the analysis of donor data
  • Automating overall fundraising efforts

Talk about the technologies and applications: The right technology partner should be able to support the technologies and applications you’re using on a daily basis. For instance, our team supports:

  • Applications relating to behavioral health and business, such as OMH, Connections, CAIRS, RSA Secure ID, Fund EZ, Donor Perfect, and more.
  • Technologies like wireless networking, IP security systems, remote desktops, collaboration systems, video conferencing software, and much more.

Network Outsource has extensive experience when it comes to supporting the unique IT requirements of non-profit organizations in New York City, Long Island and across the Tri-State Area. Call (516) 207-1889 or email us at info@networkoutsource.com.

When it comes to finding a technology partner, we know many non-profit organizations struggle due to a lack of budget. That’s why we provide managed IT services wherein we take care of all of your technology requirements for a flat-rate monthly fee that’s affordable. There’s no need to stick with relying on outdated software or manual, paper-based processes because you’re not ready to invest into technology.

We’ll help you make informed choices on which investments will actually bring value to you and your mission. Often times, this means choosing the right mix of technologies designed to ensure the following:

  • Greater transparency in overall efforts
  • Less downtime that impacts productivity
  • Fewer struggles with funding and/or fundraising
  • More reliable reporting

For our team, it’s all about aligning your mission with a technology strategy that incorporates each and every organizational objective. We make sure technology SUPPORTS, rather than detracts, from what you’re doing with the community.

Let’s talk about how we can help your non-profit organization thrive with affordable IT support in New York City, Long Island and across the Tri-State Area. Call (516) 207-1889 or email us at info@networkoutsource.com.