Why Your Non-Profit Organization Needs a Technology Purchasing Advocate

Non-profit organizations often struggle with old, outdated technology. Why? Because most of the extra dollars they bring into their non-profit organization get reinvested into the community. Although this is fantastic, it’s important to make sure you have the tools you need to keep pushing forward in your mission. Naturally, buying technology can seem like a daunting, expensive task, especially if you’re used to using old, outdated technology that “does the trick,” but eventually, that old, outdated technology will fail.

What are the risks of running old, outdated technology?

It’s inevitable… Running old, outdated technology will eventually catch up with you in the form of:

  • Vulnerabilities being found and exploited – leaving your donor data at risk for theft or loss.
  • Performance and/or health issues – resulting in slow, lagging systems that leave you less productive.
  • Unexpected break-downs of equipment – leaving you with hefty troubleshooting and/or replacement costs.

Unfortunately, outdated systems are at a much higher risk for cybercrime. If you’re using unsupported technology, you’re not receiving any sort of security updates or bug fixes. This means cybercriminals know all of the vulnerabilities within the system and there’s nothing to protect you against them. In addition, outdated systems often run significantly slower than new equipment.

Network Outsource acts as your purchasing advocate to help you find the right technologies at the right price. Call (516) 207-1889 or email us at info@networkoutsource.com.

As your purchasing advocate, we work with you to make your fixed budget stretch as far as possible – sourcing the best price on ANY equipment necessary. We’ll:

  1. Assess your environment to identify any outdated, antiquated systems that are either unsupported or unsafe to continue running.
  2. Provide recommendations for upgrades in terms of your computers, servers, software, and other equipment.
  3. Outline the expected return on investment you can expect from making the upgrades we’ve suggested.
  4. Find the best price for all upgrades you need to make as we have a large partner network to access great deals.

We know that non-profit organizations like yours can’t afford to throw money at the latest, greatest technologies. That’s why we’ll only make recommendations that impact the safety of your environment OR that we’re confident will give you a return on your investment. For instance, a strong data management system is something many non-profit organizations are lacking.

But if you have a strong data management system, you’re able to streamline the process of donor fundraising – getting more money back into your non-profit organization to support your mission. It’s an expense that pays for itself over and over again for those who choose to make the investment.

Network Outsource provides IT support for non-profit organizations in New York City, Long Island & Across The Tri-State Area. Call (516) 207-1889 or email us at info@networkoutsource.com.

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