Do IT Technicians Need Leadership “Soft Skills”?

Do your IT technicians have leadership skills? Does it matter if they don’t? Discover the surprising reason why these skills can make or break your business.  

Many businesses don’t consider leadership skills when looking for an IT managed service provider, but they should. Tech experts note that changes in IT technology and application require IT technicians to collaborate with company employees and management in new ways. Without the right leadership skills, IT service providers can’t offer the training, services, and improvements that will enable a business to successfully reach their goals. The following are some compelling reasons why soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork skills, empathy, and problem-solving skills are just as important as the ability to secure an IT system, create software programs and set up an IT network.

Leadership Skills can Optimize Your Business IT Network

An IT MSP isn’t just tasked with keeping an IT network running and secure. Good companies will also take measures to optimize the IT set-up to save clients time, money, and hassle. Naturally, optimizing a company’s IT systems requires a number of leadership skills, including:

  • Communication skills. IT professionals will need to spend long hours simply listening to clients to understand what they need and how to best provide it.
  • Problem-solving skills. Problem-solving skills are a must for helping companies create an IT set-up that is easy and efficient to work with, secure, and in compliance with industry regulations
  • Teamworking skills. The odds are that it will take more than one IT technician to create a truly good IT set-up. IT technicians need to be able to work well with each other in order to do their job right.

Leadership Skills Brings Business Intelligence to the Forefront

Business intelligence combines various tools and sources of information to enable a company to make data-driven decisions. Naturally, IT technology plays a huge role in enabling a business to collect and analyze data. However, IT technicians, along with their clients, will need various leadership skills to use the data to make wise business decisions. Such skills include:

  • Empathy. Do your IT technicians understand that the numbers on a page represent real people and real problems? Do they take initiative in analyzing data to offer solutions before problems become large enough to disrupt a business? In short, empathy means that IT technicians care about the people their work will affect instead of simply doing their job out of rote.
  • Decision-making skills. Believe it or not, many people have a very difficult time making decisions. Common problems include overthinking a decision, focusing on insignificant details, being overly optimistic or pessimistic when analyzing information, and jumping to conclusions without knowing all the facts. IT technicians need to know how to make the right IT-related decisions for a business to succeed.
  • Communication skills. IT technicians may be called on to explain how certain types of data is gathered and what it means. This means they’ll need the ability to communicate clearly, without using technical jargon that most small business owners won’t understand.

Introducing Network Outsource

Network Outsource is a New York-based IT managed service provider that puts a premium on developing leadership skills in its IT technicians in order to provide clients with the best possible service and assistance. At the same time, the company’s IT experts have the relevant industry experience and certifications needed to create an ideal IT environment for a wide range of business owners.

Network outsource offers a host of cloud-based solutions to make it easy for a business’ employees to work remotely as needed, collaborate with colleagues and/or business partners, keep information safe from cybercriminals, back up valuable data quickly, and more. Get in touch with us to discover how our team can help you create the IT set-up that best suits your needs and budget.