The Importance Of Cybersecurity For Manufacturing Firms

Digital has quickly replaced mechanical. In the last decade, manufacturing firms have noticed the change, which is all a part of what’s being called the “4th industrial revolution”. More and more processes are digitized, allowing data to become the primary driver in many areas – and that’s why cybersecurity for manufacturing firms is so important.

Gartner estimates that by 2023, 30% of industrial enterprises will have full, on-premises deployments of Internet Of Things platforms, up from 15 percent in 2019. It’s simply the way the world is moving, and for good reason. The business workplace is being drastically altered by technology as each year goes by – if you don’t embrace it, then you’ll be left behind.

That said, the more technology is integrated into your firm’s operations, the more important cybersecurity becomes. According to The State of Industrial Cybersecurity 2019 report:

  • 87% of respondents ranked cybersecurity as a priority
  • More than 80% of respondents have a documented cybersecurity standard in place
  • 69% of respondents believe they are going to be the target of a cyber-attack

Are you doing what’s necessary to protect your manufacturing firm’s data? Have you invested in cybersecurity for manufacturing firms?

What Threats Are Facing Your Manufacturing Firm?

As Kapersky notes, one of the biggest threats to the manufacturing industry is ransomware. Case in point, just last year, ACSO, one of the world’s larger manufacturers, had its operations brought to a standstill by ransomware. While they worked to restore their systems, ACSO sent home around 1,000 employees on paid leave – can you afford that kind of damage control?

Ransomware is an undeniably major threat to businesses around the world today. Maybe you can accept that ransomware is real, but don’t believe it’s all that costly. On the contrary, according to Beasley Breach Response’s 2019 noncompliance report

  • The average ransomware payout is $116,000
  • The highest ransomware demanded by cybercriminals was $8.5 million
  • The highest ransom paid by a target organization was $935,000

How Can Protect Your Manufacturing Firm?

A majority of cybersecurity technologies offered today include the best in vital software, from firewalls to anti-malware to data encryption and more. However, as important as this technology is, on its own, it simply isn’t enough.

The key to truly comprehensive cybersecurity is simple, yet often overlooked: the user. That’s why 49% of those surveyed in The State of Industrial Cybersecurity 2019 are planning to implement security awareness training for their employees.

A comprehensive cybersecurity training program will teach your manufacturing firm’s staff how to handle a range of potential situations:

  • How to identify and address suspicious emails, phishing attempts, social engineering tactics, and more.
  • How to use business technology without exposing data and other assets to external threats by accident.
  • How to respond when you suspect that an attack is occurring or has occurred.

Your staff can have a significant effect on your cybersecurity – either they know enough to keep your assets secure, or they don’t, and therefore present a serious threat to your security.

What’s The Key To Cybersecurity For Manufacturing Firms?

Invest in a little expert protection, just like your fellow members in the manufacturing industry – 55% of those surveyed in The State of Industrial Cybersecurity 2019 are increasing their budget for cybersecurity.

Network Outsource can help. We can put our cybersecurity expertise to work for you, implementing best practices, identifying vulnerabilities, and protecting you against the more common and dangerous cybercrime scams like ransomware.

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