Macs To Use Apple Developed Processors In 2021

A new report says that Apple will begin using in-house developed processors in its Mac lineup of products in 2021.  

There appears to be some good news for Mac fans. A widely known Apple analyst has predicted that the company will release the first Mac devices with an in-house developed processor as early as the first or second quarter of 2021. It has long been hinted that Apple was working on developing its own processors to replace Intel processors in its Mac lineup of products. Still, information has been sketchy, and just when it would appear on the market was uncertain.

TF International Securities technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has made several reliable predictions about Apple operations in the past, sent an update to investors on Feb. 24th, which was picked up by the popular MacRumors website, stating that the company will debut a proprietary 5-processor in a Mac device sometime in the first six months of 2021. The update stated that the new chip will form the ‘core technology’ in new Apple products:

“We expect that Apple’s new products in 12-18 months will adopt processors made by 5nm process, including the new 2H20 5G iPhone, new 2H20 iPad equipped with mini LED, and new 1H21 Mac equipped with the own-design processor. We think that iPhone 5G support, ‌iPad’s adoption of innovative mid-size panel technology, and Mac’s first adoption of the own-design processor are all Apple’s critical product and technology strategies. Given that the processor is the core component of new products, we believe that Apple had increased 5nm-related investments after the epidemic outbreak. Further, Apple occupying more resources of related suppliers will hinder competitors’ developments.”

The update reportedly contained no further information about the specific Mac model the new processor chip would appear in.

The report seems to confirm past rumors that the company was working on in-house designed ARM-based processors that would enable it to make a transition away from its current Intel chips. The earlier rumors claimed that the new chip might appear as early as 2020, but the update from Kuo indicates it will probably be delayed until next year.

Over the last several years, Apple’s new product releases have been repeatedly frustrated by Intel processor chip shortages and delays. By using its own processors, the company will not be reliant on Intel product release and shipping cycles. Business from Apple has historically accounted for about 5% of Intel’s yearly revenue, according to Bloomberg. The company began using Intel chips in their Mac lineup in 2006 as a replacement for the PowerPC chips they had been using.

Apple also decided to move to the new ARM-based processors in an attempt to enable iPhones, iPads, and Macs to use the same apps and work together. The company’s iPhones and iPads are already using ARM-based chips, and the MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, iMac Pro, and Mac Mini are using Apple-designed T2 chips.

Apple’s desire to develop more in-house technology hasn’t been a secret, and the company paid $1 billion to acquire Intel’s 5G modem operations last year.