How To Select A Great NYC Managed IT Services Company

As the technology industry continues to grow and become more complex with each passing year, it’s become increasingly difficult for businesses to keep their companies’ networks secure and protect their bottom lines from hackers, data breaches, and costly cybersecurity incidents. When you’re busy running your business, it can be a challenge to also try to keep up with making sure your network is safe from hackers that are using more sophisticated and stealthy tactics.

It’s more important now than ever before for businesses to consider MSPs or managed service providers. A reliable NYC managed IT services company can help ensure that your network is as secure as possible while you focus on bringing in more clients and increasing revenue.

But how do you choose a quality managed service provider? Here are 7 questions you should ask and red flags to look for.

NYC Managed IT Services Company

1. Does The Company Offer Services That Match The Needs Of Your Business?

The most important factor to consider when selecting an NYC managed IT services company is if they offer the services you need. Ask for a list of what services they are able to provide businesses similar to yours and make sure the company can at least meet your needs, if not exceed them.

Look For This Red Flag

If the MSP you’re considering does not have a full suite of services that meet the needs of your business and you’d have to hire another company to cover the gaps, this may not be the right MSP for your company.

2. Does the Company Have a Good Reputation?

Naturally, you want to hire an MSP that has an excellent reputation in New York and Long Island. Look online for reviews and ask other business owners in your area whom they recommend as a managed services provider.

Look For This Red Flag

Bad online reviews are an easy-to-spot red flag, but don’t expect to find MSPs with only glowing reviews — if you do, they’re likely manufactured. Look for companies that respond to negative reviews in a positive manner. If they don’t make an effort to reach out to customers who have had a less-than-stellar experience to make it right, you may not want to work with them.

3. Do They Offer Cybersecurity Services?

Unfortunately, not all managed service providers offer cybersecurity services and they’re not exactly upfront about the fact that they don’t. However, cybersecurity is among the most important of all managed services to keep hackers out of your network and away from sensitive, valuable data. Be sure to ask any MSP that you contact if they offer cybersecurity and if so, what services are available.

Look For This Red Flag

Cross MSPs that don’t offer cybersecurity services off your list and look for an NYC managed IT services company that does.

4. Is the Company Proactive About Network Security?

Responding to cyber threats once discovered is really only a very small part of comprehensive network security. A quality MSP will be proactive about your security and conduct routine testing to ensure your network remains safe, even when no real threats are present.

Look For This Red Flag

Ask MSPs you’re considering working with how (and how often) they conduct routine security checks of your network, including penetration testing. If they don’t, keep looking for a provider that takes proactive network security seriously.

5. Does the Company Have a Cyber Incident Response Plan?

All managed service providers should have a plan in place to handle a cybersecurity breach should one occur. However, not all response plans are created equal and you need one that fits the unique needs of your company.

Look For This Red Flag

The NYC managed IT services company you hire should have a cyber incident response plan developed specifically for your business. This plan should include instructions for all staff members on what to do in the event of a security breach, as well as what the company will be doing to resecure your network. If the MSP you’re considering doesn’t seem to have a clear idea of what a cyber incident response plan would be, this is a major red flag.

6. Does the Company Offer Training and Staff Support?

The information technology industry changes rapidly every year and often, month to month. It’s critical that your selected managed services provider is able to keep up with market changes and ensure you and your staff are informed and well prepared for any changes that affect your business.

Look For This Red Flag

A reliable MSP should be able to offer some kind of training for your business and ideally, ongoing training and support when the cybersecurity field inevitably changes. Consider deciding not to work with an MSP that doesn’t provide any formal onboarding or training.

7. How Quickly Does the Company Respond to Your Questions?

A quality NYC managed IT services company should respond to you promptly. You should feel welcomed by the company, even from the first phone call.

Look For This Red Flag

Consider how long it takes for the MSP you’re considering to return your calls or emails. When they do, are you treated as an inconvenience for asking questions? Work with an MSP who seems eager for your business, responds to you within a reasonable time frame and is happy to answer your questions.

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