If You’re Frustrated With Your Current IT Company, Then It’s Time To Switch

Are you satisfied with the IT support that you have been receiving? Many companies decide to stick to their IT companies even though they do not necessarily provide them with exemplary services. This is mostly attributed to the fear of switching IT companies since it is deemed to be a daunting task.

Most company executives tend to think that switching IT companies is a long, drawn-out process. However, this isn’t the case, and you can switch to an IT company that adds value to your business smoothly with no disruptions.

Your Guide To Switching IT Companies

Signs That You Need to Change Your IT Support Provider

You may be frustrated with your IT support provider due to the following reasons:

  1. The IT support provider is struggling to meet the IT needs of your business as you expand
  2. Your company is continually getting hidden fees on your bills
  3. You have been experiencing the same technical glitches with no long-term solution in sight

Your IT support plays a vital role in ensuring that your IT infrastructure functions efficiently, and your business continues to run smoothly. If they cannot guarantee this, it’s only ideal to switch to another IT company.

Finding a New IT Company

The first step when switching IT companies is finding a new IT partner who will accommodate you and help you during the transition process. Some managed IT service providers may be open to signing up new companies while some won’t. Having a new IT company will also allow your new IT company to commence working on your systems. This will help minimize downtime during the transition process.

How to Smoothly Transition to Your New IT Company

Once you’ve found a reliable IT support provider, transitioning is the next big step. The following steps should be followed as you transition:

Get Full Control of Your Network

When you outsource IT services, you give your outsourced IT company high levels of jurisdiction over your systems. With most of your data stored on their equipment, you become highly dependent on them. The first thing you should do while you transition is to gain full control of all your networks and files.

Although most IT companies make transitioning easy, some may try to hold your data ransom by changing passwords and locking you out of your systems. Once you have moved to a different supplier, change your passwords to prevent your previous IT support from having access to your networks.

Ensure You Have Your Full IT Documentation

Get your full IT documentation from your current IT company and hand them over to your new IT partner. This documentation will include a list of log-in accounts, passwords, network maps, usernames, hardware and software inventories, and original software disks.

Handing over this documentation to your new IT support provider will help them identify the problems you’re facing and leverage technology to fit your needs and come up with permanent solutions. The success of your transition is determined by the smooth transfer of information from your current IT company to your new one.

Get Access to All Copies of Your Data Backups

It is vital to have a file backup system as you move your data from your current IT company to your new one. This backup gives you peace of mind as you’re guaranteed that your data will not be lost.

Assuming that your current IT support provider is backing up everything, you will need to ensure that you have access to all your backups. This will help you avoid a scenario in which your former IT support provider may decide to hold your data ransom or even lock you out of your systems.

Once you’ve successfully moved all your data, you should ensure that you get all backups of your current IT company’s files and change system passwords to avoid such a scenario.

Your New IT Company Should Perform an Extensive Security Assessment on Your Systems

Your new IT support provider should carry out a comprehensive cyber-security assessment, especially if you’ve been having challenges with viruses and malware.

This analysis will help identify areas of risk and vulnerabilities that need to be resolved. It will also enable your new IT company to recommend and implement better security measures into your IT infrastructure and resolve these back doors.

  • Set up an Appropriate Time to Transition: You may incur additional fees from your current IT support provider if you transition before your contract expires. To avoid this, it’s best to plan the appropriate time for a smooth switchover.
  • Give Your Current IT Support Provider Notice That You’re Planning to Cancel Their Service: Once your new IT company is in place, it is only fair to inform your current IT support provider that you are planning to switch companies. This notice will help them prepare for the transition and make the process easier.
  • Inform Your Employees of the Change: Once you’ve fully transitioned into your new IT company, make sure that you inform your staff about the change, and how they make use of the new service. Also, share the IT company’s contact information for support, procedures, and policies.

Switching companies may seem horrifying at first, but with the right IT support to help you during the transition, the process is made seamless. The right IT support partner will offer you reliable and hands-on service to ensure a smooth transition and reduce downtime to ensure that your business remains productive.

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