What Is The Average IT Support Cost Per User In NYC?

For organizations of all sizes, finding information on how much IT support should cost can be a tall order. Keep reading to discover the real cost of IT support in NYC.

When it comes to IT support, simply googling about pricing doesn’t really get you that far, partly because many IT services providers aren’t very transparent about their rates on their websites. Alternatively, you could be inundated by a wide range of varying figures, leaving you worse off than when you began.

To be fair, however, IT support cost per user varies greatly depending on several factors. Nevertheless, you should at least be able to tell whether you are in the right ballpark, right? Considering the different IT support types available, and you need to know what services to expect for your money. Whatever the size of your organization, IT represents a significant investment in time and resources.

What Is The Average IT Support Cost Per User In NYC_

How To Know That IT Support In NYC Gets Your Money’s Worth?

Although this is an excellent question, it’s one that many business IT decision-makers fail to ask themselves. As a top IT support company serving businesses all over NYC and Long Island, we are aware of the acute shortage of information regarding the real IT support cost per user.

At the end of the fiscal year, it’s easy to review your finances and determine precisely how much you paid for IT support. But is that really what you should be paying? And what about another IT support cost that is often overlooked: downtime? As you can see, the issue of NYC IT support pricing needs to be looked at with fresh eyes.

As you may know, IT support comes in two models: in-house and outsourced IT support, although these two aren’t mutually exclusive. Over the past few years, outsourced IT services have become increasingly accessible to small and medium-sized organizations. Unfortunately, this has only made the decision-making process much more challenging.

That’s why our IT support experts at Network Outsource came up with this article. We would like to share some of the knowledge we’ve managed to gather over the decades to help you reap the most from your IT investment.

It’s important to remember that these figures are merely estimates. Depending on your organization’s needs, the real costs can vary considerably.

Let’s begin.

How Much Does Managed IT Support Cost in NYC?

With around-the-clock-remote monitoring, maintenance, and on-site support for your IT network, all for an affordable monthly fee, outsourcing is quickly gaining popularity. But as we’ve already mentioned, the flat-rate monthly rate varies from vendor to vendor.

If your organization is on the smaller side, you may be intimidated by some MSPs’ hourly rates. But the thing is, this type of IT support in New Your is exceedingly cost-effective since the MSP offers:

  • Technical expertise
  • Experience
  • Back-up

The level of technical know-how and experience offered by an MSP is difficult to replicate with an internal IT department. That’s because an MSP deals with different systems every day and can handle whatever IT issues come up. What’s more, you’ll likely be assigned a constant team of technicians who would quickly become intimately familiar with your IT environment. All these combined would ensure you enjoy comprehensive IT support at an affordable monthly fee.

Also, outsourcing enables you to budget accurately based on the IT Company’s system assessment and recommendations to offer your organization’s IT support.

A trustworthy MSP will start by evaluating your systems to pinpoint your needs. This will allow them to recommend the services your organization needs, so you only pay for what you require. For a small business, this could make a world of difference by lowering their IT costs dramatically from the annual salary for an in-house tech.

While outsourced IT support costs can vary widely depending on users, let’s take a reasonable estimate for a small business. A budget of approximately $1,000-$2,500 would be appropriate and represent massive savings compared to in-house IT support.

What’s the Cost of Hiring an In-House IT Person?

In simple terms, in-house IT support is incredibly expensive, regardless of your organization’s size. That’s mostly down to the enormous running costs associated with hiring a qualified, experienced IT professional such as:

  • Salaries
  • Vacation times
  • Benefits
  • Sick pay

Once you’ve added all these up, the financial strain on a small or medium-sized organization is far too great. Compared to what you would have to pay an NYC managed IT support provider (MSP), you could end up paying around $45,000 more for similar services.

Let’s say we choose a basic salary of $45,000 for an in-house IT person. You would need to add all the extra costs we’ve mentioned, which would amount to roughly $13,000 per year. Buying an IT Management System application could easily cost up to $1,000. The cost of training in the new application could be around $2,500 per user. The total one-time cost will be approximately $3,500-$10,000, dependent on the number of user desktops. How much would you pay a capable in-house IT specialist in total? The overall cost would be about $58,000 per year.

Unless your organization grows exponentially, there isn’t much of a business case for in-house IT support.

What About the Cost of Downtimes?

What do you consider “downtime”? Is it simply whenever a server crashes and takes your network down for several hours? Actually, this is just a small part. Downtime is poorly performing technology like apps that take too long to load, causing a dip in your employees’ productivity.

What is the actual cost of downtime? In a single year, an organization with just ten employees could lose over $12,000!

What Can You Expect to Pay Network Outsource for Reliable IT Support?

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