Getting Started With Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms, an often forgotten application, allows you to create forms and collect responses from your team in real-time. How can it help your organization? In this video, we discuss why you should be using Microsoft Forms and how to get started with it.

Microsoft Forms is an underrated part of the Microsoft service that can make your online workforce more efficient and productive. As the demand increases for cloud based technology, including tools for collaboration and communication, software like Microsoft Forms gains more traction.

With Microsoft Forms, you can create forms quickly, collect responses in real time, and visualize the data using automatic charts. Creating a form is easy, and does not require any specialized training for users. But more importantly, the forms you create can be filled out on any browser without installing any additional apps.

To start using Microsoft Forms, go to the applications home page by visiting Once you log in, you will see all the forms available to you, without being bogged down by those belonging to other members. To create your first form, go to “new form”, input a name and description, and add questions. You are able to use many different questions formats, including choice, text, rating and date. Additionally, you have access to ranking, likert, net promoter score, and section formats as well. Once you  are finished creating your form, hit “preview” to see how it will appear. You can also test your form at this time. To check how it will look on mobile devices, press “mobile”.

What All Will You Do With Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is a great tool in the remote workforce, and more businesses should adopt its use. If you have questions about Microsoft Forms or Microsoft 365 in general, feel free to reach out to us. Our IT professionals are eager to assist with all your technology needs. Contact us online or by phone today.