What is CloudSource Mobility?

CloudSource Mobility helps a business to be more agile and responsive in this ever-changing, fast-paced world.

Often called cloud mobility, it refers to sourcing your IT processing power and applications from the cloud, rather than your own onsite servers. “Mobility” refers to being able to use mobile devices like phones and tablets to access company IT resources remotely via the internet.

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What benefits does CloudSource Mobility provide?

  • Simplifying IT Infrastructure – By moving your apps to the cloud, you can remove servers from your environment. This reduces complexity and means less IT staff are required.
  • Greater Connectivity – Using mobile devices, employees can connect to company apps and documents from anywhere.
  • Improved Collaboration – As staff can access company data anywhere, they are able to better collaborate with their colleagues.
  • Email Management – Email can be configured, synced, and managed on a user’s mobile device.
  • Work/life Balance – CloudSource Mobility allows staff to work away from the office. Staff members can have more flexibility in their work hours as they have the technology to work from home or the road. This is great for staff who have children.
  • Bring Your Own Device – A staff member can be very attached to their mobile device. Using cloud mobility allows a business to add company apps to their phone or tablet so it can be used as a work device – avoiding carrying two devices, one for work and one for personal.
  • Automatic Updates – Devices and apps are kept automatically up to date using Mobile Device Management.
  • Device Configuration – Wi-Fi and VPN profiles can be pushed to the device, requiring no input from the user.
  • Any Device – Staff can use Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry or Windows, allowing them to stay with the device they are most familiar with makes for a happier employee.
  • Same Software Version – All devices are kept to the current version.
  • Predictable Monthly Fees – With no need to purchase or maintain servers, your surprise IT bills reduce, and the monthly fee becomes a predictable operating expense.
  • Security – Security updates are pushed to all work devices offering the best protection possible.

How Are Devices Managed?

A device such as a mobile phone or tablet is enrolled in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform. From there, applications can be remotely installed or removed from the device, wherever the device is – provided it is connected to the internet. The device operating system can be updated, and security patches can be installed. If a device is lost, or if an employee leaves your company, all company data can be remotely wiped, adding an extra layer of security for the company. If a change needs to be made to one device, or all devices, it can be easily done through the MDM platform.

CloudSource Mobility reduces the IT burden for a company and provides staff with greater freedom in the way they work. In this competitive world, this is no longer a luxury; this is a requirement.