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Spam Now Accounts for 70% of All Email

Email scams are on the rise. Results from Kapersky Lab show that spam email has risen by 4% in the past few months, now accounting for over 70% of all emails sent – the highest it has ever been. Common spam emails include those disguised as popular delivery services, like UPS and the United States […]

Add History to Your Holiday Weekend With the Library of Congress Digital Collection

With Memorial Day just ahead this weekend, you may want to supplement your schedule of beaching and barbecuing with an educational trip into the holiday’s history. If you don’t have the time to travel to Arlington National Cemetery or Washington D.C., you can still brush up on American military history for free digitally on the […]

New Tech Polls Twitter for Real-Time Ratings of Candidates

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  After the first presidential debate, we showed you apps that can help you stay informed on the candidates’ positions and standings as they campaign through the last few weeks before the election. This week, not only can you keep track of their records, lies and flip flops, you can also gauge how their performance […]

Keep Up With the Candidates Using these Presidential Debate Apps

The first presidential debate was this week, kicking off a month of direct discourse between President Barack Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. If you want to keep track of the candidates during this final head-to-head stretch in the campaign, International Business Times has compiled five apps that can help you monitor the candidates’ records, […]

App Turns Cell Phones From Driving Threats Into Driving Aids

Thousands of teens will be on the road next week for their return to school, many nervously sitting behind the wheel for the first time. With a smartphone in the pocket of almost every high school student, most parents are rightfully worried that these devices will become a threat to their teens’ already questionable driving. […]

Affordable Gadgets for College

College students all over the country are enjoying the last few days of summer and preparing for their return to campus life. Stocking up on dorm room supplies, a revamped wardrobe and a semester’s worth of books can make this a tough month on their (and their parent’s) wallets. Technology is another unavoidable expense in […]

Trick or Tech

It’s that time of year when everything seems to go bump in the night. But these geo-location apps can make Halloween a little less scary for parents as they send their little monsters out into the neighborhood in search of treats. Trick or Tracker is an app for Android smartphones that sends updates to parents […]

Warning: Your Laptop is Not a Leg Warmer

Today marks the last day of summer and the beginning of a temperature drop. So while you’re searching for ways to keep warm as the chilly weather rolls in, beware of the heat coming off your computer. Even though working on your laptop may seem like the perfect way to keep your legs nice and […]

My Apple Turnover

Nowadays it’s pretty hard to escape the draw of Apple and their line of products. As a lifelong Windows user (at least since my Commodore went out of style), I found myself in the situation last year where syncing my beloved iPhone and iPad with my Windows machine was becoming extremely frustrating. Let’s face it; […]

Facebook Updates its Privacy Settings – Again

Facebook is overhauling its privacy settings – frequent targets of criticism for their opaque policies and difficulty of use. This comes as Google’s new social service, Google+, gains popularity. Google+ allows users to customize the privacy settings on everything they post. Connections are separated into “circles,” simplifying the sharing and concealment of information. Facebook’s new […]

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