IT Support & Education Technology Consultant Services

Educational Institutions in NYC and Long Island – Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Discover why Network Outsource is the education technology consultant company of choice for educational institutions looking to leverage technology in delivering the best learning experience for students.

The rapidly changing educational landscape is forcing schools and administrators to adapt. We help educational institutions, just like yours, leverage the power of technology to improve your students’ learning experience.

Education Technology Consultant

Education Technology Consultant Services

Educational institutions are faced with decreased budgets, a more profound need for collaboration, and more stringent regulations. You need innovative IT strategies to cope with this onslaught. Managed IT support is one such strategy. It frees you to focus on what you do best – teaching young minds and running exemplary institutions.

The goal of modern education is to mold and empower students to think critically, create, communicate, and collaborate in an ever-changing global environment. Educators need to help students excel despite the many challenges they face in and out of the classroom. You also need to do so within the constraints of time, budget and resources.

The Network Outsource team empowers educational institutions to leverage the innovative power of technology to deliver a world-class education to students.

What Pro-Learning Solutions Does Network Outsource Offer Educational Institutions?

Here are some of the solutions your education technology consultant from Network Outsource offers educational institutions to empower them in providing the best learning environment for students:

  • Education Applications – Installation, monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of teaching and productivity applications including Google Classroom, Scholastic, MyHMH, G Suite, Office 365, My Learning Plan for better student learning experiences
  • Student Management Systems – Monitoring and management of student management application systems like PowerSchool, Aspen, Nutrikids, ScholarChip for better teaching environments and efficiency
  • Mobile Device Management – Configuring and managing mobile devices and platforms including Casper Suite and GoGuardian to increase collaboration and seamless communication among all stakeholders.
  • Cybersecurity and Protection – Proactive monitoring and patching of school IT systems to prevent phishing attacks, access to inappropriate content, guard against malware, ensure data privacy, and safeguard students from cyber-bullying.
  • Compliance Management – Assessment and implementation of best industry standards, guaranteeing compliance with legal and regulatory requirements including FERPA, HIPAA, and other data privacy regulations.
  • Hardware – Provision and maintenance of hardware components including Interactive Whiteboards, Chromebooks, iPads, Projectors, and large format displays, Elmos
What Additional Benefits do Schools Get From Partnering With Network Outsource as Your Education Technology Consultant?
  • Improved Schedules – Schools have cyclical needs on an annual calendar. We work with them to schedule installations during vacation breaks and summer, and to prepare for the many changes that come with the beginning of each new school year, such as new students and faculty.
  • Testing – As Computer-Based Testing has become a standard, we have developed methodologies to make sure that the technologies needed during these crucial periods are available and well-supported.
  • Better Instruction Time – Schools need to utilize every minute of available instruction time – this is why we work to build reliable systems and provide support around the teacher’s busy schedules.
  • Funding – We have experience with the funding sources available to schools and can assist our clients in applying for these and getting the maximum benefit out of what is available.
  • Varied Support Needs – We also understand the differing needs of teachers, administrators, and students and tailor our support to meet these.
What is Managed IT Support and How Can It Benefit My School?

Managed IT services is an IT support strategy that puts you in charge. The solutions eliminate the guesswork through the adoption of proactive IT support, maintenance, monitoring and security instead of the usual break/fix model. Pricing is predictable – with transparent monthly subscription payments that cover everything and puts an end to surprise break/fix bills. It’s that simple. A single monthly fee includes everything!

Here’s How we do IT
  • Providing both proactive and responsive support services so that teachers and staff can focus on their expertise – developing young minds.
  • Assist in planning and implementation of technology to align with curriculum goals, identify available funding and produce optimal benefits.?
  • Maximizing productive time in the classroom with highly-available technology tools.
  • Assist in the adoption of systems which allow educators to reach beyond the classroom and increase resources for students wherever they are.
What About the Costs?

Our solutions are affordable and specifically tailored to your needs. Your school only pays for the services you require with no additional or hidden charges. The predictable monthly payment system also helps you to budget easily.